Sue Bryant Photography

Specializing in Fine Art and Nature as well as Photo Restorations

I never feel more at peace than when I am with my camera in hand or surrounded by photographs.  My specialization is in restorative and archival work, but I also love capturing moments as well.  I primarily work with landscape and nature scenes, but also do event, portrait, candid and digital enhancements. 

I have been an avid photo collector and historian as well as a photographer for many years.  I feel strongly that photographs link us both to our past and to our future.  When we see images from days gone by, it allows us to see that we are travelling the same paths as those that have gone before us. 

When you see a restored photograph, you can often see details that evoke more than just a memory. Maybe a twinkle in an eye, or the texture of the material.  Sunny areas creating the warmth of days gone by.   Photographs are meant to be shared, not kept in a box hidden from newer generations who may not have had the chance to sit and go through them.

Some of my photographs are from family collections, but many are from other collections I have acquired over the years.  I began restoring them and found it was a rewarding process to bring life back into faded, dusty photos that often hadn't been looked at in decades. 

I use Adobe Photoshop to do my restorations, along with a professional scanner and professional scanning software.  For equipment, I use a Cintiq Companion which allows a very high level of detail that cannot be obtained by a traditional setup of mouse and keyboard alone.  The results have been remarkable and I would like to share these services with others.  

There are certainly other companies that also do this type of service, but I would like to think I can offer a higher level of service and quality at a much more reasonable rate.  If you have a photo (film, negative, slide, glass slide or any medium), please contact me for rates and we can work out the details. 

Many of my nature and landscape photographs now hang on my client's walls enhancing their home, which couldn't please me more.   Whether it be family history or new history you would like to have preserved, please get in touch with me and we can work out the details! 

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